10 Reasons why you should insure your Wedding

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

If you’re in the process of planning a wedding, it’s wise to get wedding insurance. A number of unforeseen circumstances can occur, from last minute cancellations to the loss or damage of wedding items – after all of your careful planning, you really do not want anything ruining your big day. Following are 10 reasons why you should insure your wedding;

1. The wedding dress

The bride’s wedding dress is often the most expensive purchase that you will make for your wedding. Bride’s dresses can cost thousands of pounds – and getting the right dress can be a painstaking process. Should anything happen to the dress, for example if it was lost or damaged, you may be unable to replace it.

2. Other dresses and suits

Clothing for weddings in general is very expensive – in addition to the bride’s dress, you will usually have dresses for the bridesmaids and maid of honour, and suits for the groom, best man and other groomsmen – add them together and the total amount spent on an average wedding is staggering. Insurance will protect the clothing to be worn at your wedding, including any accessories (for example ties).

3. The flowers

Wedding flowers are naturally very pricey and take a lot of time to arrange. Should the supplier fail to deliver your flowers at the last minute, you could be stuck. Wedding flower displays and bouquets can also be damaged in transit. Wedding insurance will cover your flowers against any such scenarios.

4. The wedding rings

Again, wedding rings can be very expensive purchases – and they’re also the most common items to be misplaced at weddings. By getting wedding insurance, you can protect yourself against the loss or accidental damage of your wedding rings.

5. The gifts

It is now a very popular option for the bride and groom to give their guests a wedding gift. Wedding insurance can be used to cover the cost of your wedding gifts.

6. The cake

People are spending more money than ever on their wedding cakes – and for many people, they are just as important as the dress and the flowers – you can cover your cake against damage or loss with wedding insurance.

7. The food

Many people use a catering company to supply all of their wedding food. Should anything go wrong with the food – for example if the supplier lets you down – wedding insurance can be used to re-coup some of your losses.

8. The venue

If you are opting for separate venue for your post-wedding party, wedding insurance will cover you against any problems – i.e. cancellation on the venue’s part or problems with the venue.

9. Personal liability

Wedding insurance can cover you for injury to third parties or the loss or damage to third party property. With a large number of guests at an average wedding, it’s a very important aspect to remember.

10. Other benefits

Wedding insurance policies can also include a number of additional areas, for example; cover for legal expenses, personal accident cover and stress counseling. You will need to check your individual policy for further information.