5 things to consider when buying used cars

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

Many people are taking a new stance when buying cars. Rather than paying for expensive, luxury, brand new cars, a lot of people are realising that used cars actually offer excellent value for money. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying used cars:

1. Set a budget from the very beginning

Set a budget from the outset and stick to it. It is extremely easy to exceed a budget, but if it isn’t within range, it will cause financial hardship in the long term. Likewise, each buyer should think about the long term costs of running the vehicle, which includes the miles per gallon (MPG) and of course, the ongoing repair costs.

2. Take your time

The used car market might seem flooded with great vehicles for sale, but the reality is a lot of them are not of high quality. It is important to choose a vehicle that is really desired, rather than one that is purchased in a rushed manner. By taking time over a purchase, a buyer will be able to see any problems easily and will be able to walk away when the vehicle is really not the right one for them. Check out used car reviews to see if there are any known faults, which can be checked over when the car is viewed.

3. Make a list of must-haves

One of the things to keep in mind when buying used cars is that there is a huge range of vehicles to choose from. Think about the features that are really required and try and narrow down the type of car that is needed. These features might be related to reliability, price or even comfort, but they will help to narrow down the search.

4. Be realistic

Be realistic when it comes to choosing a car. It might be that the car desired is a luxury 4×4, so check that the average sale price is within budget. There is no point purchasing a beaten up vehicle just because it is within price range. Of course, bargaining is always an option and the majority of sellers will be willing to drop their prices slightly in order to get a sale.

5. View before buying

Too many people these days rely on the likes of auction websites such as eBay, bidding on vehicles that they really know nothing about. This is something that always tends to end in a bad way, so make sure viewing is arranged prior to purchasing.