6 arguments for and against buying an iPhone

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

iPhones are certainly one of the most popular phones ever; they have been for a long time and are constantly evolving. But there are of course other options on the market, and if you are looking for a new smart phone, it’s not always easy to choose.

In this post we wanted to share a few ideas; reasons to buy (on contract or otherwise) an iPhone, versus one of the many other options available.

Against: Android is better

Of course, this is a matter of opinion, but it does have to be said that some of the Android phones on the market blast the iPhone out of the water in terms of spec and performance. Android of course is open source, which means that smart phone manufacturers can use it in all of their best models.

Since iOS is only for Apple products, if the iPhone doesn’t suit you absolutely down to the ground, you can almost certainly find a better phone on Android; whether that mean a bigger screen, a physical keyboard or a faster processor.

For: iOS is better

The iOS has drawbacks and the actual phone may not be the highest technical spec – it has to be suitable for everyone. But since iOS is only available on the iPhone, it doesn’t have to be designed for all of those different environments.

It’s designed to suit that specific screen size, that specific processor and that specific set of user requirements. All of this means that while Android can sometimes be clunky or inconsistent, iOS and the iPhone can be one of the best user experiences available.

Against: They are overpriced

There’s no getting away from it; iPhones come with a certain something, courtesy of Apples incredible brand image. All of this does of course mean that Apple can, and do, charge a premium price for their device.

For less money than you would spend on an iPhone you could get a Galaxy HD with a larger screen, faster processor and better features. Even if your iPhone is free on contract you are paying this premium through a more expensive contract and probably less talk time.

For: They are cutting edge

What they lack in features, you can’t deny they make up for in those less tangible features. Apple are masters of making products which feel good to use and the iPhone is their crowning glory. It is cutting edge in terms of offering the styling, usability and features which people actually want.

So while certain other options might look better on paper, few will look quite so good in the palm of your hand. That’s what matters right?

Against: They are often stolen

There is a downside to all of this style and brand appeal of course, iPhones are highly desirable, very expensive and a big target for thieves. With their highly inflated price tag that makes them a big risk.

Of course, if you have any sense you will get yourself some comprehensive iPhone insurance to cover yourself for damage or theft – but make sure you factor in that extra cost; iPhone insurance isn’t always cheap.

For: They are stable

It is often overlooked, but there is a big advantage to Apple’s tight reigns. If you want a phone that just works great every time, the iPhone is a good choice. Apple are very strict about what they let into the Appstore and whenever you download something new you can be sure it works and won’t crash your phone.

Android phones do of course have a lot of brilliant apps available to them, often cheaper or free, but you don’t get the same quality control, and combine that with the multiple different instances of the OS and the different environments on which it has to function and you often find that your smart phone just isn’t as stable or reliable as it should be.


So there you have it. It’s not an easy decision; the iPhone has a lot of brilliant pros, but also plenty of drawbacks. Deciding what matters most to you will give you the best idea of which phone to go with. Have a think about how you use your phone and what you want out of it.