A few ways to reduce your energy bills in the summer

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

Our utility bills often come as a bit of a shock. With the rise in prices and the increasing number of power hungry gadgets coming into our homes and businesses, this is no surprise. But there are a number of things you can do in the run up to summer to save money on your utility bills. Let’s consider a few of them:

Changing your lifestyle

Most important of all, use less power. To be more precise, make a conscious effort not to use those devices which we all know are a real drain of electricity. A vast amount of the electricity we use at home is drawn from entertainment – television and games consoles, for example. If you can decipher which items in your home or office are responsible for the most power drawn, you will know which areas of your lifestyle are costing you the most in your utility bill. Don’t leave all the company computers on 24/7.

Furthermore, as the seasons change, make an effort to get outside and away from the devices responsible for your last electricity bill. If you can spend an afternoon playing tennis with friends rather than at home playing video games, the benefits are likely to stretch far beyond a decreased bill.

Consider alternatives

Think about appliances whose purpose is temporary – for example, tumble driers. These appliances may well be lifesavers in the cold and wet winter months, but when the sun comes out, don’t waste your money on them. Instead, try hanging your clothes outside to see that your clothes dry with a fresh hint. Not only will your clothes smell fresh, but you’ll save mountains of cash by shunning the drier.

Now that the seasons are changing, be sure to adjust your heating accordingly. If you are used to programming your heating to come on at a set time, consider over-riding this setting. This way, if it does get cold one spring evening, you can turn the heating on for that extra bit of warmth but also be sure not to waste money having the heating on when you don’t need it.

Consider taking showers instead of baths. While a deep and hot bath can be the perfect tonic on a cold winter evening, a shower is the best way to invigorate yourself at the beginning or end of a lovely warm day. Showers use far less water than baths, provided you shower for a sensible amount of time.

As well as making adjustments such as these at home, compare gas and electricity prices. Do this by looking at your existing bills from your energy suppliers and receiving quotes for similar usage from other companies. This is also very applicable to businesses, where contracts on a larger scale can offer bigger discounts. Most importantly be sure to compare business electricity deals, using EnergyHelpline for example. Many energy companies offer tariffs suited to households with particular usage patterns, this is exactly the same for businesses. If you are aware of how energy is used, you will find it easier to reduce your utility bills.