Adding value to your property the green way

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

A competitive property market which presents a consistent fall in housing prices is a recipe for a poor return on investment for home owners. So how can you get the best price for your property when the time comes to sell?

We’re all becoming conscientious of the environment and the damaging effect we can have on it. Sustainability is a real selling point in the 21st century housing market, which has resulted in green home improvement techniques catching on.

Due to this ever growing trend there is an abundance of available green resources for home improvements that will not only add value to the property, but save home owners money that would be spent on energy bills.

Below highlights a few tips and simple procedures that will improve your homes image and value:-

Double glazed windows

Many properties within the UK still don’t have double glazed windows. Double glazed windows can help reduce the effect of noise pollution and also reduce the amount of heat loss in the property. It has been reported that such an improvement will reduce the amount of heat loss in the winter by up to 30-40%.

Cavity wall/loft insulation

Around half the heat in a typical home is lost through the walls and loft and with the ever increasing costs of energy it is a price many can’t afford to pay. The good news is there are many government funded grants available for such home improvements in almost all areas of the UK.

Energy efficient boiler/central heating system

This is seen positively by buyers and will generally recoup your outlay. When searching the market for a new system always look for boilers displaying the energy star logo as this will guarantee at least 85% energy efficiency of the product.

Eco-friendly furniture

This can add the wow-factor to your property when potential buyers come to visit. The term less is more is appropriate when we consider the internal furnishings aspect of the property. Look to buy high quality sustainable furniture that can be the focal point of each room, for example a large rustic oak dining table or a beautiful wooden French style bed sourced from a sustainable local tree farm will present a memorable unique selling point.