Benefits of black box insurance for young drivers

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

The ability to drive is something that most young people look forward to and start their lessons as soon as possible so they become free and independent and most importantly, responsible.

Unfortunately previous young drivers have impacted the reputation of all those that drive at a certain age and this has dramatically increased the costs that are involved after passing the driving test. Young drivers are facing higher insurance premiums as insurers deem them to be a much larger risk in comparison to a driver that is just 5 years older.

Often the costs have become too much and many young people have been deterred from driving as it is simply too expensive. Young drivers are covering every possible avenue to encourage the insurance costs to be reduced which includes additional driving qualifications such as the Pass Plus exam and now the solution which InGenie offers.

What is black box insurance?

The black box as it is known, is an item of technology fitted into the vehicles of drivers aged between 17 and 25. The equipment constantly monitors the driving styles, techniques and any areas, which could be hazardous such as driving at excessive speeds of late braking. Insurers recognise that the black box is the driver’s attempt at trying to be the best possible driver, which will reduce the cost of the insurance premium. After a certain period of time, usually 6 months, the results of the data collected are revealed and the driver can not only perfect any driving flaws but insurance companies will be able to see the abilities so far and will be able to make predictions for the future of the driver based on this.

How can young drivers reduce their insurance?

Typically, young drivers have to consider the type of car they drive, nothing that is overly powerful and with no modifications, careful about the type of usage such as limited mileage and no long distances and constantly cautious of the way that they drive.

Being constantly concerned about the things that will cause driving costs to soar can take the initial fun away from driving and this is part of the reason why so many young drivers are looking to have the black box installed in their vehicles. It not only gives the insurer peace of mind but allows the young person to start their driving life off to a slightly cheaper and more supportive start.

The main way that drivers can reduce the costs of their insurance premiums is to be a safe driver, to reduce the chances of having an accident or making any kind of claim against their own insurance policy. With age comes experience and the longer the driver is on the road and shows themselves to be a good driver the higher the chance of premiums being brought down. The black box is the perfect item to help drivers on their way to cheaper insurance costs and to turn them into the perfect road user.