Best money saving tips for travellers

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

Going on holiday is a highlight of the year – a time to relax after week after week of slogging away in the office hard at work. However, they are also expensive, and costs racking up while you’re away can make what should be a tranquil break actually become quite stressful. With that in mind, it is important to do everything you can to save money and cut costs, that way you can still have the vacation want, but without coming home broke.

Bargain holiday websites

One great tip is to discover bargain-price hotel rooms on the internet. There are now several websites, such as Booking and LastMinute that allow you to book even 5* hotels at inordinately cheap prices. You can find yourself staying in a luxury resort for less than you might have spent on a 3* room if you’d gone through a travel agent or direct to the hotel website. You could even go down the DIY route and book your accommodation and flights separately. This can potentially save hundreds of pounds for each person. Our favourites include Airbnb where you can book gorgeous houses, apartments and holidays chalets for a fraction of the price of an official hotel. This will also give you the flexibility to choose the cheapest flights, as you can choose any date at Airbnb!

Save money at the airport

Another great way to save money on a holiday is at the airport, and by that we mean take all measures to avoid spending money there (or on the plane). For example, rather than forking out for expensive food, bring some – it’s drinks that are banned in hand luggage, not food. Also, if you can avoid paying extra to stow a suitcase in the hold and just take hand luggage that is a great money saver. Wear your clothes rather than packing them to maximise space.

Choose cheap British holiday destinations

Something else to think about is your destination. When going on holiday people tend to think it is a necessity to go abroad when actually, they have never experienced the country they live in, and could have just as great a time there for a fraction of the price. Flights to Ireland or Scotland, for example, are very cheap and you end up in a great area with loads to do.

Cheap holidays abroad

If you do decide to go abroad, then sorting your money out early is vital. Scout around for the best exchange rates and never leave it until the airport to get your cash – you’ll find it much more expensive. Watch the markets too, and try and buy at a time when the rates are favourable. On the same theme, often when you are abroad, you will be given the option to pay in either GBP or Euros. Always say Euros, as paying in your home currency will give you awful rates.

Create your own mini toiletries

Finally, don’t get around the restrictions on liquids in hand luggage by buying small versions of your favourite toiletries, make your own flasks. Filter the amount you need into a container under 100ml and you’re good to fly, without having to fork out extra cash on something you already have.