Does a 17 year old need their own insurance policy?

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

If you are 17 and just trying to find car insurance for the first time you are probably being pretty astounded right now about how expensive it is. So the question that may spring to mind is “do you actually need it?”

No Insurance

Well ok, let’s assume that not having any insurance cover is not an option (actually there are a worrying number of uninsured drivers on the road, but you don’t want to be one of them). If you get caught driving without insurance you will get in trouble, but if you cause an accident whilst not insured you will be in serious trouble.

Being A Named Driver

The other option is being a named driver on your mum or dad’s policy – so that you can drive their car when you need it. The downside is that you may not build a no claims bonus whilst you do this, but if you go with the right company you will, and this can be a good way to bring your premiums down. Of course if you want/need to drive a lot you will need your own car. The temptation is to get your mum to insure herself on it and be a named driver, but that’s actually not a good idea. If you are the main driver of the vehicle you must be the main driver on the policy – otherwise you might void your insurance and get into all sorts of trouble (since that technically makes you an uninsured driver).

So Is That A Yes Or A No?

In summary then, no you don’t need your own policy. If you can make do for now with just occasional car access then you might get away with using your parents’ car, but if you want to own and run your own car then you will need your own insurance.