Does my job affect my credit score?

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

The short answer is no – it is a common misconception that your job can affect your credit rating, but in actual fact your job has no impact at all on your credit score or in your credit file in general. Your credit file will only ever contain information related to credit, which means that only credit-related information will ever impact your credit score; clearly your job and (more to the point) your salary are not directly relevant to your credit history.

What about my credit worthiness?

Well there is another way to think about this of course. Your job/salary will never impact your credit score, but it could still affect your chances of getting credit.

When you go to a lender to ask for some money they will consider a number of things on your application, one of which will of course be your credit history. In general, a better score means a better history which means a better chance of approval.


But they will also consider whether you can afford the debt. Your credit rating might be top notch, but if you want to borrow £500,000 and you earn £10,000 a year you might struggle.

Other factors

It’s no secret that people with a higher income are more likely to have good credit scores and that is because they find it easier to get credit and they are more likely to be able to pay it back in time too.


So while your job won’t affect your credit history or your credit score, getting a better job or otherwise improving your income might just be the best way to achieve a top credit score in the long run.