How a slow cooker can save you hundreds every year

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

It’s true, a slow cooker can save you a fortune. Buying a slow cooker will save you heaps of cash in no time at all. People often wonder if they’re expensive to run, especially considering a slow cooker is left ‘switched on’ throughout the day.

Saving money on utility bills

A good old ‘crock pot,’ as they are often, referred to utilise the same amount of electricity as your bedroom light bulb. This is much less than an electric oven and cheaper than a gas fired hob.

Cheaper food shop

So how exactly can a slow cooker boost the amount of cash left in your pocket at the end of the week? Well, have you ever wandered down a supermarket’s reduced to clear aisle and turned your nose up at a chunk of meat that at first you think is a great offer but on closer inspection looks a bit tough? That’s where investing a few pounds in a cheap slow cooker makes perfect sense. The toughest cuts of meat are turned into tender cuts as the slow cooker works its magic throughout the day. Flavoursome dishes that can be demolished by your family over dinner whilst you sit back, safe and assured in the knowledge that the lamb/beef or pork was bought at a bargain price but the dish tastes fantastic. It’s been cooked slowly, so delicious meat will literally fall off the bone.

Student money-saver

Every student should have a slow cooker simmering away in the kitchen. You can cook really cheap beans, lentils, pulses and split peas cook in pasta sauce or, even cheaper, value tins of chopped tomatoes.

Nevertheless, no matter whether you’re a student or an old age pensioner, if you’re skint, then you can become the smart, spend-savvy owner of a slow cooker. They transform cheap cuts of meat into delightful dishes, keep your waistline at bay and save you lots of money on electricity, gas and your regular food shop.