How often does your credit score increase?

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

This is a common question, particularly amongst people who are looking to repair or improve their credit ratings. If you need to fix your credit so that you can apply for something important then if can sometimes seem to take forever.

In reality though your credit score can increase at any time, and for that matter it can decrease. There is no set period for it to be refreshed.

Remember that your score is specific to whichever credit agency you are checking and the actual number is just their way of indicating roughly how favourable the information contained within your file is. For your score to increase you need that information to become more favourable.


Day to day not a lot changes; if you have bad things on your record they will become less bad as they age, but this is not going to have a big impact over a few days – it will often take months for such events to be discounted.

The fastest way to improving your credit is adding positive things. Fortunately positive things happen constantly for most people; successfully paying a credit card bill, gas bill or making a loan payment and as long as you don’t add any bad things (late payments for instance) your credit score should go up over time.

Generally creditors report information to the credit agencies once a month, but if you have multiple accounts with multiple creditors your credit file should be gaining new information a few times a month.

As to whether any individual piece of information will increase your score, it depends on your own situation of course, but so long as that new ‘good’ info is being added regularly your score will gradually increase.

As they say, a watched pot never boils: So try just checking once a month and you should see a difference.