How to save money on flights this summer

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

If you’ve been thinking that the summer vacation getaway you’ve been dreaming of is too far out of reach because of your finances, then think again. Believe it or not flights over the summer holidays can be incredibly cheap; and in fact a lot cheaper than flights during the winter holidays.

Whether you’re hoping to book an international flight for a tropical vacation for you and your significant other or a quick city getaway in mainland Europe, here are three great tips on how to save money on a flight to get the summer holiday you’ve been dreaming of:

Check out Sky Scanner and Kayak

Kayak and Sky Scanner are two popular databases that can help you search through numerous deals to various destinations. Simply pick the travel date and where you want to go, and the databases will not only show you the cheapest estimated cost from several different airline company websites, it will also show you how much money you can save by flying on a different date as well.

However, before you book your flight on either of these websites be sure to check out the airline’s company official website first – the flights could be on special offer for your chosen date.

Don’t travel on a weekend

Speaking of dates, travelling on a weekend is one of the biggest “no-no’s” travellers make because companies boost up flight costs between Friday and Sunday. Of course, this may prove to be difficult if you have a job and you can only get time off on the weekends, but even if you book on a Thursday and sometimes even a Sunday you could end up saving up to a couple of hundred pounds on your flight ticket.

Sign up for a company newsletter

Check out the top airline companies and see if they have some kind of newsletter you can sign up for. Sometimes you will get offered great deals on flights if you are a member, and you could even get notified about great offers before other customers find out as well.