Top ways to save for a holiday

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

Holidays are a big expense for any family but a much-needed break from the drudgery of work, school, bills, and the stress of everyday life. So when you are planning your escape, organisation and money saving are always on top of the to-do list. Whether you are planning a weekend excursion, a 7 day trip or a month long holiday, there are several things you can do to save money here and there. Here are some tips for you and your family…

Shop around

You’ve heard it before but it cannot be stressed enough. When you are planning your holiday, shop around and plan ahead. Explore all your money saving options including travel agencies, booking websites, coupons, frequent flyer miles, hotel saving clubs, and discounts. You would not believe all the companies that get discounts through hotels, airlines, and travel companies. When you’re booking ask for discounts for your business, employer, school, credit card, age, disability, insurance company, charity, and organisation.

While you are in the decision making process, surf around on all the different websites for the best deal. There are many websites set up to help you find the best deal, so take advantage of them. Being flexible with your travel dates will allow you to save more money as well. Be sure to check out the websites for specific hotels, car rental, and airlines for specific deals that you might not find.

Early booking

Planning ahead will help you to save money on your family holiday as well. If you are planning on travelling during a peak tourist season you will want to consider making your reservations early and taking advantage of lower costs and fewer fees. Some place will give you a 10-25% savings for early booking, so make sure you ask for a discount.

Low deposit and no deposit booking

So many travel companies are working with you in more ways than before. For example, a lot of the hotels on let you pay for your accommodation on the first day of your holiday and some travel agents let you pay for the entire holiday in installments. This gives you time to plan now, pay a low upfront cost, save money and then pay the rest in two reasonable payments.


Airlines charge for everything now, especially luggage. To save on baggage fees, travel like. Measure and weigh your luggage before you leave for the airport. If you are using carry-on luggage only, make sure you bags will fit in the overhead lockers. Even checked baggage can be charged extra fees for being excessively heavy, so be sure what the weights are and make sure you do not over pack your luggage. For those with space and weight limits you might want to get creative with your luggage options – namely when you do your packing. Ball up your socks and put them in your shoes and roll up your clothes into a sausage shape to fit more in your suitcase.


Rewards clubs, hotels, museums, travel websites and other places all offer discounts, coupons, and even freebies. When you are using a hotel, ask about rewards programmes and all the free amenities. Take advantage of all of the freebies offered, such as the free breakfast, gyms, and movies. When you eat the free breakfast at the hotel, you are saving on spending money on one meal for the day. Explore things to do in your holiday location that are seasonal and free for the family to do like beaches, concerts in the park, art shows, and local festivals.

Ask locals

No matter where you travel, you are going to be a visitor. When you are on holiday, take the time to ask locals about where to go, what is new, and where you can save more money. When you go to restaurants, at the front desk of your hotel, or when you are resting at the pool, ask the local people what might be good for your family. This inside information will help you out every time.