Money saving kitchen tips

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

Every single one of us have kitchen appliances at home, we all use them on a daily basis so the energy costs can really add up. One thing you probably don’t know is how much they are costing you per year and you’d be surprised. And just because you spent a small fortune on one appliance doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be cheaper to run than a less expensive competitor.

If your kitchen appliances are quite old then you’ll find that they won’t be energy efficient like the A rated appliances that are manufactured today. Some washing machines can save you up to 70% on energy costs. Certain appliances will shut themselves down whilst you’re on holiday to preserve energy. You could be spending £900 a year using old inefficient appliances as opposed to £198 per year with eco-friendly appliances.

Washing machines

Washing machines don’t just use electrical power but also water to help clean your clothes. You’ll find that with modern washing machines they’ll save you roughly £30 – £40 per year in electricity cost. Water efficiency is just as important to some households on water meters and you’ll be glad to hear that washing machines use as little as 15 litres nowadays.

Fridge freezers

With an appliance that is always switched on, always working and always keeping your family’s food fresh and fit to eat, having an inefficient machine will obviously cost you a fortune over the years. Not only are the older models less efficient, but their age caused wear and tear will have increased its inefficiency as well. It’s always best to go for an energy rating of A to A+++ with the latter being the most efficient.


Similar to washing machines but using less water and electricity, dishwashers have been improved massively over the years. Cheaper and more energy efficient than washing up by hand, the dishwasher is not only a god-send for those who hate washing up but even save you money. Features like zone washing where you don’t need to fill the dishwasher and half load functions mean the fewer items in the dishwasher the less energy and water is needed.

Tumble dryers

Tumble dryers are the least efficient of all kitchen appliances due to their need for heat energy. A good rating for a tumble dryer nowadays is a B rated machine. A really useful feature that I would recommend is the sensor drying option. This will turn the tumble dryer off once the clothes are dry inside. For example if you have selected 30 minutes drying time and the clothes are dry within 15 minutes the moisture sensors will tell the tumble dryer to stop automatically. This helps save energy, especially good for the least efficient appliance in the house.