Smart ideas to save money on your wedding day

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

There is no one in the world who would ever want to start his/her marriage laden with debt. But the practices of the modern society demand it. Is it fair to spend lavishly just to entice your guests on wedding ceremony that lasts only for a few hours? Or is it fair to see a father spending his retirement money so that his daughter can enjoy a fantastic big party? No it is not – that’s why we’ve come up with some great money saving ideas to cut the cost of your wedding and still have a wonderful day.

Make your day big by planning ahead

This is true that we all dream to make our wedding day the biggest and the happiest day of our life but this big day should not come with big costs. Saving money on the wedding does not mean that you would have to compromise on the wedding celebrations. You can throw an awesome party for the guests even in a limited budget. But for that, you must plan your wedding well in advance.

How can you save money on wedding?

Wedding entails unending list of expenses. Don’t be embarrassed if your budget is very limited.  You can have a beautiful wedding day and still save enough money for honeymoon if you follow these tips.

Starting from the wedding invitations to the wedding dresses, wedding decoration to the reception site, and food to photography, you can save money at each and every step.

Wedding time and site

Get married during winter months (January through March), since this is the off-season for weddings and you can expect a better reception and catering services for less money. If you can arrange the party in your own lawn or ground near your home or in a church, you can avoid paying hefty rent for reserving the site. Try to keep the wedding date on some weekday because you can surely get discounts on reception rentals and foods. If you are bound to choose the weekend, Friday can make the best day.

Wedding invitations

Don’t add people to your invitation list you have not talked to in the last five years. Trim down your invitation list as much as possible. You can send free online wedding invitations through many specialised websites. This not only saves cost of printing but distribution cost of invitations as well. If some of your closer family members and friends want to keep the invitation as a sentimental souvenir then just get a few printed and send the rest of your guests online invites. You can also get your cards simply printed at less costs and personalise them by writing and decorating yourself.

Wedding dresses

Consider renting your wedding gown for a few hours. You can also borrow a wedding dress from your aunt or a friend and can get it dry-cleaned to use for a few hours. Many designer companies also organise clearances or other sales during off-seasons and buying your wedding dress from such sales can save you hundreds. Buying a second-hand wedding dress from eBay can also help you get fantastic bargains. Moreover, you must also consider doing your hair and makeup yourself on your big day – it might be one of the best options as you probably know what make-up style you want more than anyone else.

Wedding food

Late afternoon is the best time for wedding when people have less urge for food. Don’t be shy to throw a cake, or a champagne party instead of having a proper dinner reception. Consider baking your own cake. If you have a separate dessert table, there is no need to bake a large cake, just keep it small for the photo shoot only. If you are going to have a dinner reception, make it one dish. Choose chicken dish over sea foods and beef, since they tend to be cheaper and also lighter on the stomach when people have been drinking!

Follow the above tips and enjoy your big day at less cost. We wish you a happy and cost effective wedding with plenty of cash left over for your honeymoon and your whole life together.

Author Bio: William King is the director of Wholesale Suppliers Directory. Being an entrepreneur and a passionate blogger he loves to share his knowledge and expertise with the industry people by writing for various related blogs.