Stats show that the UK is the place to be for entrepreneurs

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

With many business failing since things went pear shaped a few years back. Many people in the UK have resorted to starting up their own business to make a living. While many have found it very tough going the statistics are actually very impressive and show that the UK is becoming a hot bed for entrepreneurs.

A recent report by the Small Business Service or the SBS if you prefer, has shed light on the number of UK residents who are involved in some kind of entrepreneurial business. It revealed that 13% of the UK population were in some way involved with making money through their own business. Perhaps just as impressive is when we add the 11% of people in the survey who said that they were thinking about, or were in the early processes of, starting their own entrepreneurial journey.

This survey by the SBS, as well as showing the entrepreneurial activity that the people of the UK have been doing, also showed how the public views entrepreneurs. An incredible 93% of the population said that they admired people who were involved in some kind of entrepreneurial activity. And 64% of the British public said that they would encourage their family or friends to start their own business.

These numbers are very impressive and they do show that there is still some amazing creativity in the UK with people who are finding it hard to find a job or just want to do their own thing. The survey also shows that the British public are also willing to back UK entrepreneurs and give them a fair chance as well.

So if you are an entrepreneur from the UK, you certainly are in the right place to make a go of it!