What are the advantages of paying for my cremation now?

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

As worrying as the thought may be, plans for your death and funeral should be made if you want to avoid leaving a financial and emotional burden placed on those who you have left behind. Failure to do so will leave them with something that will be even harder to deal with given their state of grief.

What will a cremation cost?

All funeral homes have a set list of prices available on request and this means the exact cost of a cremation depends on the service you use. The cost of the coffin will also need to be taken into account, but as a cremation has been chosen it may be a more inexpensive option.

As a rough guide the actual cremation fees themselves average at £683 but this figure does not include minister fees charged to perform the funeral service. It is also worth noting that funeral costs have shown a steady pattern of increases over recent years so this figure is expected to continue to grow.

Why should I pay for my cremation now?

It may seem a little premature, but paying for your cremation now has numerous benefits – both financial and emotional. Here are just examples:

Cheaper prices

With the cost of funerals (both cremations and burials) all rising as time passes, failing to make arrangements now could see your loved ones facing a larger bill in the future. Funeral costs are usually taken from the estate of the deceased and if you have insufficient assets to cover this cost then your family will have to fork out the extra.

By opting for a prepaid cremation plan you eliminate this risk. The cost of the cremation is locked in at today’s prices and you can even choose a payment plan which pays for your cremation using monthly instalments.

No awkward conversations

By organising your cremation now, you can avoid any upsetting conversations with friends and family about how you want your death to be handled. Nobody likes to discuss their passing, especially with their loved ones, and a prepaid cremation plan ensures your wishes are followed without causing unnecessary emotional distress to you or your family.

Less stress

If you have made the payment for the cremation in advance, the amount of stress faced by your loved ones after your passing will also be reduced. This means they can focus on dealing with their grief and paying tribute to you in a way they see fit.

More control

Controlling what happens during and after your funeral can be of paramount importance to some people – and prepaid cremation plans provide this. You can outline what you want done with your remains, whether that is to have them interred in a plot or scattered at a favourite location, ensuring your wishes are followed to the letter.