What is the best credit score website?

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

In the UK there are three main credit reference agencies and if you want to see your credit score then these places are where you need to go! All three agencies do of course have websites where you can check your credit file and get various details, but which of these websites is the best is difficult to say.

Experian are perhaps the most widely used credit reference agency, so that might be the best place to start – although if you happen to know which agency your prospective lender will be checking then that is probably your best option.


Start by getting your statutory report

You have a statutory right to see what is on your credit file and getting your report from any of these agencies will only cost £2. This will be a basic report and won’t give you a credit score, but just a list of what information each agency holds.

Each website also gives you the option to sign up for a more comprehensive credit report which will also let you see your credit ‘score’ with that particular agency.


Given that Experian are the most widely used agency, finding out your score with them might be the most useful, and in that respect the Experian website is perhaps the best one to use.

Your credit score is not universal

Each of these credit agencies give you a score based on their own algorithms and aside from that, perspective lenders will look at individual items on your report and look for key indicators of credit worthiness over and above what your actual score is.

So whichever credit scoring website you choose to use, take your credit ‘score’ as an indicator only and if you can improve that score then you are on the right track.