Can I insure more than one car on the same policy?

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

In the past the answer would have been no, but now a days you can indeed put more than one car on the same car insurance policy. Not every policy offers this option, there are just a handful of multi car policies available. These policies are generally available for 2-5 cars and you can generally add more vehicles during the policy (up to a limit of 5). As a rule you get a discount on each additional car that you add, so you will get the biggest benefit if you have 5 cars on the policy. How It Works You will probably have a different driver for each vehicle and you can specify different named drivers on each as well. The whole policy can be customised to your needs and you will be given a quote accordingly. This is handy if everyone in your family has a car as you can put all of your insurance costs under one single bill – and hopefully save money at the same time. But Double Check First The downside is that you end up with all vehicles insured with the same insurer, and doing so isn’t always optimal. Before you take out a policy it is a good idea to price up each vehicle separately on a price comparison site to see whether the total cost is more or less than the cost of a multi car policy. Often you will find that multi car policies are worthwhile for 4 or 5 cars but if you only have 2 cars to insure you might well be better off to insure them separately.