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  • credit-reportImproving your credit score could give you access to better credit rates for loans, credit cards and mortgages.
  •  Monitoring your credit history, helps protect your identity online and alerts you of any fraudulent activity.

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Top travel insurance tips

When you go travelling it can be a particularly exciting time in your life, whether you’re going for a year,...

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3 ways young people can start saving for retirement

A common misconception is that only “old people” should be worried about saving for retirement. In reality, retirement isn’t something that you should only start thinking about when you...

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3 tips for developing financial discipline

‘Self-discipline’ is a term whipped around by fitness experts, nutritionists, fashion addicts, technoheads and everyone in between. We all lack self-control occasionally, conquering particular aspects of our lives, basking in our accomplishment and rightly...

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Getting car finance with a bad credit rating

While the news has contained some rather interesting stories recently about people who have tried to outwit the banks, when it comes to credit, for most of us, credit terms will be determined for us by the lenders. What’s...

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How can you financially prepare for retirement?

Retirement and pensions are touchy subjects in today’s economic climate. The retirement age is set to increase along with life expectancy, and the introduction of new government pension schemes is causing unrest among many trying to...

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How to buy fixed assets

Fixed assets are generally safe investments, but they’re only ‘safe’ if you understand what you need to consider when you’re buying them....

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Administration orders – small debts still cause big problems

Any debt is problematic if you cannot afford to repay the amount you owe. It does not matter whether the amount is £5,000 or £50,000 as living with the burden of debt is debilitating. There are solutions for those...

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Why credit can work for you

Whilst most people like to stay financially independent, there are times when you need money in advance of payday. For those occasions...

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How does UK income tax work?

Every person in the UK gets a certain amount of tax-free allowance each tax year. This means that you don’t pay tax on this amount of your...

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Common sense: a surefire way to make savings on your energy bills

More households than ever in the UK are currently in a state of what is known as ‘fuel poverty’. The problem...

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Best money saving tips for travellers

Going on holiday is a highlight of the year – a time to relax after week after week of slogging away in the office hard at work....

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Save on your house sale with an online agent

Savvy shoppers know very well by now that the best way to save money is to carry out a little research and to shop around on the internet. Some of the very best prices...

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