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Since 2010, we’ve written over 500 guides to help you improve your credit score.

We guides are professionally written to help answer questions you may have about anything to do with your credit. We take every care to make our guides as clear and easy to read as possible. We provide our guides free of charge and always will do. With over 500 guides and counting, we’re one of the largest online resources offering credit advice.

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Why do I need a credit report?

There are various reasons to get a credit report. Most notably is by understanding your credit report, over time you can improve it, in turn, this will allow you to:

  • Get better credit rates for loans, credit cards and mortgages.
  • Protect your identity online and alerts you of any fraudulent activity.
  • You might be applying for a mortgage? In which case, you’ll need to find out what credit score you’ll need for a mortgage.

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