5 simple everyday money saving tips

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

Make your income go further with our simple and yet very effective money saving tips:

1. Car sharing

Petrol costs can add up and many motorists are quickly finding they can’t afford to actually drive to work on a regular basis. If public transport is not an option then try starting / joining a car share scheme at work.

It may be inconvenient organising yourself around other people but splitting those petrol bills between 3 or 4 can really cut down that monthly expense and you can treat yourself to something nice on Fridays instead.

2. Spring clean your bills

Over time, it is ridiculous what little things we sign up to that we actually never use. Take some time to sit down and see what you are really spending each month. You can’t cancel your utility bills but you can downgrade your TV subscription, cancel that unused gym membership and switch to a lower mobile tariff (or simply go pay as you go!).

3. Switch providers

One way of cutting your utility bills is to regularly review the market. Switch products, changing a payment method or switch providers (a lot easier than you may think) can save a nifty sum each month.

4. Avoid the supermarket

Go and take a look in the cupboards and freezer and you would be surprised the sheer amount of food you actually have. Once every few months just buy the bare essentials like milk and bread then create fresh new meals using what you have in the house.

If you’re worried about getting your 5 a day add a bit of fruit or veg to your essentials list but remember that those tins of veg at the back of the cupboard count too!

5. Use vouchers

Nearly every retailer has some sort of discount code or vouchers that can be used. Do you research and adapt your shopping slightly to incorporate vouchers and special offers and your savings could add up significantly.

Of course remember to look at the savings before switching products as you may have a voucher for a particular brand of rice but it could end up still costing more than what you would regularly buy.

6. Shop online whenever you can

Shopping online is a fantastic way to keep your self control in tact. There are no tasty temptations near the tills and you can stick to the list you have made. There are also more online vouchers available to use than printable ones as well as various cash back sites that you can actually earn money from while shopping.