How can I check my credit score online?

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

There are plenty of ways to check your credit score online, but first you need to figure out which credit score you are interested in knowing. In the UK there is no single, universal credit score – in fact you have several different scores depending on who you ask.

Experian, Equifax and Call Credit are the main credit scoring companies (although there are some other smaller ones too) and each of them tracks your credit data separately and gives you a credit score based on their own formulae.


Does your score matter?

For most people all you really need to know is whether your credit score is good, excellent, poor or worse. The actual number is irrelevant without context.

The most common way to find out your credit score online is to sign up to the Credit Expert service from Experian since they are the biggest credit scorer. This service will give you your Experian credit score and will also tell you in simple terms how good your credit score is on a scale of Very Poor to Excellent.


Other agencies

Any other agency who gives you a score will probably be less relevant, since their score won’t be the same as your Experian score. But they will still tell you ‘how good or bad’ your overall history is – so this can still be helpful and much cheaper.

How to get your score

Whichever agency you choose, seeing your report online will require a lengthy process of proving who you are. You will have to fill in details of all of your past addresses for 5 years and answer questions to prove who you are. You may also be sent a PIN to prove your current address.

Remember: Your credit file contains a lot of your personal information, so actually viewing it will require a few fraud checks.