If I need money fast what can I do?

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

What can you do if you suddenly find yourself short of cash and in need of some extra money to cover unexpected costs or just meet your impending bills? Well, there is plenty you can do depending on just how much you need and how quickly.

Sell your stuff on eBay

You almost certainly have something that you don’t really need that you can sell on eBay. If you are in need of cash this is probably a better option than borrowing it. If you need the money really urgently consider borrowing it but then use eBay to pay back the debt.

Friends and family

Ask friends or family for a short term loan; they will probably be happy to help and might not even ask you to pay it back. But if they do offer you the money as a loan, you should only do this if you are sure you can pay them back though as not doing so could cause huge tensions and rifts in the family.

Overdrafts and personal loans

Ask your bank for an overdraft or a personal loan. If your credit rating is reasonably good then you should be accepted no problem, often you can even apply online and depending on the bank and the amount you ask to borrow the funds may be in your bank within an hour – although in some cases it could take longer.

If you are declined for the online application consider phoning the bank, if you are a marginal case then speaking to someone may help and they can sometimes help you to be accepted.

Payday loans

Payday loans are designed to be an absolute last resort, but sometimes taking a payday loan is better than going overdrawn and paying bank charges. Consider taking out a payday loan if you are sure that on payday you will be paid enough to cover the debt and still last you for the following month.