10 simple money saving tips for everyone

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

It’s not always easy to save money, but if you follow these simple tips, you’ll be able to save a some money at the end each month.

Keep a tab

At the beginning of each month try to make a list of all your expenses, make sure you know how much you can afford to spend without having to struggle. It’s a simple but effective way of keeping tabs on what you spend.

Spend wisely

Once you know how much you can afford to spend, don’t think that you HAVE to spend that money, that money is there if you need it. Of course, don’t deprive yourself of all life’s luxuries but try to budget and spend wisely, whatever you are left with at the end of the month is a bonus.

Think ahead

Have an aim for yourself; set yourself a target of how much you want to save in the coming months. Having something to aim towards helps get you motivated in your mission to save.

Credit card payments

If you regularly use your credit card, make sure you check what your monthly payments are, and make sure you are not being charged too much interest. If you find a better credit card deal elsewhere then don’t be afraid to switch providers.

Credit card rewards

If you use your credit card regularly make sure you are being rewarded for it. There are so many different types of cards available on the market that there is a card for everyone. Different card providers offer different rewards. For example if you’re a shopaholic, you might want a card that will offer you a percentage off your next purchase.


When you go shopping take a list with you of what you need. Try and stick to your list by avoiding any unnecessary or impulse purchases. This method can help you save more than you think.

Cycle to work

If your place of work is not too far away from home, why not cycle for a week? You’ll save yourself the cost of fuel, get fit and help the environment in the process. This is not the most obvious form of saving money but it is becoming more and more popular. Some companies offer Cycle to Work schemes – it’s worth asking your boss or even suggesting that your company starts it.

Price comparison websites

These are fantastic for saving some money on many necessities, from checking your gas and electricity bills to checking your phone tariff. Price comparison websites do all the hard work, so you don’t have to; they are a top way to save some money.

Loyalty cards

If you regularly use the same supermarket to do your weekly shop then see if they have a loyalty card. If they do, it can be a quick way to save some finances or build some in-store credit.

Savings accounts

Set a specific amount of money each month to put away in a designated savings account. We recommend getting an ISA and taking advantage of the tax-free wrapper, which at the moment stands at £20,000.