8 ways to save while travelling

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

There always seems to be a mismatch between enjoying your ideal holiday and having the budget to pay for it. To get the most out of your next holiday, why not start looking for deals that will save you money right now? With a bit of research, some lateral thinking, and these eight money-saving tips, you should be able to find that extra money you need to pamper and enjoy yourself.

1. It’s called the low season for a reason

If your chosen holiday destination enjoys reasonable weather year round, consider booking in the low season for instant savings on flights, accommodation and activities. Try one of Caribbean islands, where the weather is always warm, or consider a European destination, such as Italy, in winter for a break with a difference and a refreshing lack of crowds.

2. Fly flexibly

Always shop around for cheap flights and book early for the best deals. When researching, try different dates to see if you can get lower fares, and see if flying from, or arriving into, different airports helps.

Book your flights to depart midweek. Weekend tickets tend to be more popular, and therefore more expensive. Looking for flights with stopovers can also be much cheaper.

3. Avoid taxis

The most expensive way to get around is by taxi. If you have to get one from the airport, see if people nearby will share a fare. Better still, research your options before arriving and take a train or bus, or try to arrange for your hotel to pick you up.

4. Consider apartments

Wherever you stay, there’ll be apartments available for significantly less than most hotels. You’ll benefit from being able to have breakfast and the odd evening meal in, saving you money on dining out all the time. Also, look for accommodation a little outside the tourist hotspots – it’s often much cheaper.

5. Avoid roaming charges

Making and receiving calls on a mobile can lead to an unexpectedly high bill when you return home. Phone providers offer deals where you get cheap calls and roaming data abroad.

6. Use the exchange rate to your advantage

7. Serve up savings

Dining out can literally eat into your budget. Plan ahead and pack up a picnic for a day out, have breakfast at the apartment or plan a meal in if you have cooking facilities. Eating your main meal at lunch can be cheaper than an evening extravaganza, and by walking a few streets away from a tourist attraction, you can find much cheaper food.

Finally don’t forget the cheapest and best food is where the locals eat – so enjoy local establishments and tuck into street food.

8. Travel at night

If you’re travelling around, try to travel overnight and save yourself on accommodation. An overnight train or bus will be gone in a blink of an eye, and you’ll have saved a hotel bill, meaning you can treat yourself to a slap up meal out the next night.