Claiming compensation for accidents on holiday

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

If you go overseas on holiday, you’ll want to stay safe, although no amount of caution can prepare you for any accidents that could happen during your stay. If you were to break a leg after falling down the crooked staircase of the hotel you’re staying in or were to be involved in a car crash, that would probably ruin your holiday, and possibly your finances.

If you get injured or become ill abroad, it’s more than likely that it will last when you return home, which could mean that instead of going back to work, you’re having to leave your role, depriving you of your main source of income. Being off work for a number of weeks or months could cost you thousands, and you may have given up hope of ever getting that money back. Fortunately, with the help of first4lawyers, you could get the compensation necessary to restore your finances and help with your recovery.

Compensation is usually awarded if the accident was caused by someone else such as an hotelier, airline or travel company, and also encompasses a number of other factors. These include loss of enjoyment, sports accidents such as using faulty ski equipment despite being told prior to use that it was safe and even food poisoning from the hotel restaurant.

The compensation awarded following a successful claim won’t erase bad memories from the holiday from hell, but it can make things a little easier while you try to return to full health. By hiring a solicitor or lawyer with expertise in the field of accidents abroad, you know that they do their best to get you the appropriate level of compensation while navigating the different laws which each country has.