What are the best money saving websites?

Last Modified 16th of February 2021

If you are interested in saving money then there are numerous websites dedicated to just that end. But spending all of your time reading about money saving isn’t necessarily financially prudent (or good for your social life!). So instead, why not try to pick out just two or three of your favourites and make a habit of reading each one once a week.

If you pick three websites and read each one weekly you will have plenty of new inspiration coming in and you won’t find all of your time being taken up obsessing over money.

Here are three of the very best money saving websites on the web right now:


This site was started by Martin Lewis and very quickly became a massive hit. Martin has appeared on numerous TV shows giving advice about saving money and his website is chock-a-block full of articles about saving money on everything from flights to bills and insurance.


This isn’t just one website, there are numerous freecycle websites for each area in the UK and if you want to save money on big expenses and also do your bit for the environment then this is the place to go. Freecyclers hate the idea of throwing stuff away, so instead they give it away. If you want a new (second hand) sofa then with a bit of patience you can probably find one here – free if you can collect.


Groupon is a huge site full of incredible discounts; in fact they have sites in several different countries, offering deals each and every day. It is worth signing up for their mailing list so that you can get a feed each day of the latest deals. If you get carried away this site can cost you money, but used in moderation it is a great way to give yourself an occasional treat without breaking the bank and a fantastic site to buy exciting gifts for friends and family.